Canon EFS 17-85mm F4.0/5.6 IS


Just one story by Tiptik




Testing and conclusion


It was happened with my almost new Canon EFS 17-85mm F4.0/5.6 IS lens. One day, while shooting on the nature, I saw Err99 blinking on the display. It was not the "cleaning your bayonet contacts" issue. I have switched camera off few times and all these  few times camera was OK up to the moment of the button full-pressing. I went to home where our story begins. I started to investigate the behavior of the lens and have found, that at full aperture the error is not appearing and I receive the picture on the card. Diaphragm? Disassembly will show. Let us stay separately from the discussion, why I was not sending the lens to Canon...



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Disclaimer:  Shooting was done by cameraphone, all the critics to the white balance, focus and tools are not being accepted